We acknowledge the importance of education within young people’s lives and we will work in ways that support and help young people to reach their full potential within their education. It is often the case that young people who have experienced previous difficulties will require specific educational support and Westlea House will work closely with the placing Education Authority and Sefton County Council to ensure a range of educational options are available.

These could include:

On-Site Tutoring

Mainstream schools or colleges.

The educational option arranged for a young person will be dependent on the level at which they can achieve optimum learning and all children and young people will be assessed prior to and upon admission to Westlea House to devise the appropriate education program based on any or all of the following:

• Access to the National Curriculum, including study for GCSE’s and BTEC

• Literacy and Numeracy

• Key stage 4 students, where appropriate, are offered a variety of opportunities for college placements and/or work experience;

• To develop social and living skills in preparation for adult life as well as moral and cultural understanding.

For children and young people not currently in a formal education setting, Westlea House has a qualified teacher to deliver academic learnin. Daily planners ensure that children and young people have 25 hours per week of learning consisting of academic and vocational studies and physical activities. Westlea House will also source outside learning opportunities for the young people.

Westlea House provides a structured environment that aims to provide normal life experience for young people. It is therefore an integral part of the homes structure to ensure homework / private study as part of the evening and weekend activities. Staff will encourage private study and work closely with young people and the educational facility they are attending.

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