About Us

At Westlea we support young people with a variety of needs, behaviours and circumstances.
Young people are consistently encouraged and supported to make decisions about their individual lives as well as the ways in which Westlea House is run and the quality of their care. We aim to promote consultation and we provide as many avenues as possible for our Young people to make their voices heard.
We are dedicated to:

Promoting the ethos that every child, whatever their ability, is equally important and valued
Providing a safe, secure, caring and welcoming environment, offering choice and supporting young people in making choices, Promoting positive relationships between staff and children Respecting children’s uniqueness and their personal needs, treating children with dignity and the right to privacy, fulfilment and realisation of personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of daily life, nurturing and development of each child’s potential and maturity.

Our aim is to provide an individualised placement for Young People who may have experienced trauma, neglect and abuse and we understand that surviving this harm often affects both internal and external worlds. These young people may suffer from, attachment difficulties, have ADHD, emotional, self-harm, behavioural and social difficulties, be a victim or perpetrator of exploitation and / or present sexualised behaviour.

Safeguarding procedures are a key to keeping young people safe.

A Risk Assessment is undertaken with each young person and this is regularly reviewed and monitored as part of the care planning system.

Where safeguarding issues are identified in the home that place individual young people at risk of significant harm, staff will follow strategies to minimise and reduce risk as well as following the appropriate Safeguarding Procedures.

Westlea House provides a safe, warm, nurturing and empowering environment for young people to live in. We aim to help young people achieve their full potential in relation to all aspects and dimensions of their lives.

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