Our Services

We will provide ordinary life experiences, in a context of safety and containment allowing the development of the necessary life skills to maximise their potential and prepare them to take their place in the community.

We will provide a service that reflects and responds to the individual needs of each child placed at Westlea House. We also recognise that Young People often show their difficulties in groups and that a healthy functioning group can be powerful in helping a Young Person develop social skills and abilities. Each Young Person will be different and bring with them their own particular histories and needs.

Westlea House will encourage responsibility for actions, whilst understanding that behaviours others find difficult may be the defences that in the past have been necessary.
The service we provide requires our staff to work in line with clear principles. These principles enable us to effectively achieve our aims and objectives and provide high quality care:

The Staff Team work to ensure that the following are an integral part of life at Westlea House: Care Principles

• Westlea House is a positive choice and experience at an important stage in young people’s lives. Young people will be treated in a respectful manner and supported to address issues and to be solution focused.

• We recognise the value of young people, their uniqueness, and personal needs. We are committed to respond to young people with dignity and respect.

• We will treat all personal information respectfully, sensitively and confidentially.

• We have a commitment to listening to young people and ensuring they have the opportunity to voice their views, wishes and feelings.

• We are committed to providing opportunities for young people to develop skills to act and think independently.

• Staff will be well trained and have a positive understanding of attachment theories and behaviour management strategies to ensure provision of a safe, appropriately structured and caring environment.

• The staff team has a responsibility to make sure that young people in residential care are protected from abuse and neglect.

• Westlea House works in partnership with young people and other agencies. We endeavour to ensure effective communication within the team and across the range of services that work closely with us to meet young people’s needs .

• Staff will be carefully selected and recruited, in line with the Ofsted ‘Safer Recruitment’ guidelines, to ensure the right selection of staff and to address gender, age and ethnic balance in order to reflect diversity and positive role models.

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